(525 ILCS 33/25)
    Sec. 25. Grant program. From appropriations for these purposes, the Department may make grants to units of local government as financial assistance for the acquisition of open space and natural lands if the Department determines that the property interests are sufficient to carry out the purposes of this Act.
    The Department shall adopt rules concerning the selection or grant recipients, amount of grant awards, and eligibility requirements. The rules must include the following additional requirements:
        (1) No more than $2,000,000 may be awarded to any
grantee for a single project for any fiscal year.
        (2) Any grant under this Act must be conditioned upon
the grantee providing a required match as defined by rule.
        (3) Funds may be used only to purchase interests in
land from willing sellers and may not involve the use of eminent domain.
        (4) (Blank).
        (5) All real property acquired with grant funds must
be accessible to the public for conservation and recreation purposes, unless the Department determines that public accessibility would be detrimental to the real property or any associated natural resources.
        (6) No real property acquired with grant funds may be
sold, leased, exchanged, or otherwise encumbered, unless it is used to qualify for a federal program or, subject to Department approval, transferred to the federal government, the State, or a unit of local government for conservation and recreation purposes consistent with this Act.
        (7) All grantees must agree to convey to the State at
no charge a conservation easement on the lands to be acquired using the grant funds.
        (8) Grantees must agree to manage lands in accordance
with the terms of the grant. Any changes in management must be approved by the Department before implementation.
        (9) The Department is authorized to promulgate, by
rule, any other reasonable requirements determined necessary to effectively implement this Act.
(Source: P.A. 102-1114, eff. 6-1-23.)