(525 ILCS 15/2) (from Ch. 96 1/2, par. 9102)
    Sec. 2. The following words shall have the meanings ascribed to them in this Section:
    (a) "Acceptable forest management practices" means preparation of a forest management plan, site preparation, brush control, purchase of planting stock, planting, weed and pest control, fire control, fencing, fire management practices, timber stand improvement, timber harvest and any other practices determined by the Department of Natural Resources to be essential to responsible timber management.
    (b) "Approved forest management plan" means a management plan approved by the Department of Natural Resources pursuant to Section 5 of this Act.
    (c) "Council" means the Illinois Forestry Development Council created by this Act.
    (d) "Department" means the Department of Natural Resources.
    (e) "Forest product" means timber which can be used for sawing or processing into lumber for building or structural purposes, for pulp paper, chemicals or fuel, for the manufacture of furniture, or for the manufacture of any article.
    (f) "Fund" means the Illinois Forestry Development Fund created by this Act.
    (g) "Timber" means trees, standing or felled, and parts thereof, excluding Christmas trees and producers of firewood.
    (h) "Timber buyer" means any person defined as a timber buyer pursuant to Section 2 of the "Timber Buyers Licensing Act", approved September 15, 1969, as amended.
    (i) "Timber grower" means the owner, tenant or operator of land in this State who has an interest in, or is entitled to receive any part of the proceeds from, the sale of timber grown in this State and includes persons exercising authority to sell timber.
(Source: P.A. 96-217, eff. 8-10-09; 96-545, eff. 8-17-09.)