(520 ILCS 5/4.1) (from Ch. 61, par. 4.1)
    Sec. 4.1. Whenever the word "transport" or "ship" is used in this Act, it shall include parcel post, United States Postal Service, express, freight, baggage or shipment by common carrier of any description; or by automobile, motorcycle or other vehicle of any kind; or by water or aircraft of any kind, or by any other means whatsoever.
    Except as provided in Sections 2.18, 3.16, 3.23 and 3.25, it shall be lawful to ship or transport within the State any of the wild birds or wild mammals protected herein only if there is attached to every box, package, crate, or other receptacle containing wild birds or wild mammals shipped, or offered for shipment, a tag showing the different varieties of wild birds or wild mammals contained therein, the number of each variety, the name and address of the consignor, and of the consignee, and the number of the consignor's license.
    It shall be unlawful for any person to carry with him or transport as baggage on any train or conveyance for which he or she has purchased a transportation ticket, more than one package at any one time containing more than the possession limit of wild birds or wild mammals as provided in this Act. When the package containing the lawful amount is offered as baggage, the same shall be plainly labeled to show the name of the person transporting the same and the place to which it is being transported.
(Source: P.A. 81-382.)