(520 ILCS 5/3.29) (from Ch. 61, par. 3.29)
    Sec. 3.29. For the purpose of this Act, game birds shall be released upon licensed game breeding and hunting preserve areas in a manner satisfactory to the Department. The licensee shall keep a register on forms prescribed by the Department which shall clearly show the number and kind of game birds released each year, the month of release, and also the number and kind of game birds taken, the month when taken and the disposition made of such game birds, and shall submit such reports under oath as to game birds released and taken, to the Department not later than 10 days following the end of each month during the season. The Department shall keep an adequate record of the number of birds released on each licensed game breeding and hunting preserve area in each year and of the birds taken.
    The Department shall prepare special tags suitable for use upon legs of game birds, including hand reared mallard ducks, which tags shall be of a type not removable without breaking and mutilating the tag, such tags to be used to designate birds taken upon a licensed game breeding and hunting preserve area, and such tag shall remain upon the leg of such game bird until such bird is finally prepared for consumption. Those licensed areas which dress game birds may affix the tag to the bag in which the dressed game birds are contained. Upon application and payment of a fee of 10 cents for each such tag, the Department shall furnish licensees with such tags. All game birds harvested on licensed areas are to be properly banded on the same day they are taken.
(Source: P.A. 93-554, eff. 8-20-03.)