(520 ILCS 5/3.26)
    Sec. 3.26. Hound running area permits; requirements.
    (a) Any person owning, holding, or controlling by lease, for a term of at least 5 years, any contiguous tract of land having an area prescribed by administrative rule who desires to establish a hound running area to pursue authorized species with hounds in a way that is not designed to capture or kill the authorized species, shall apply to the Department for a hound running area permit under this Section. The application shall be made under oath of the applicant or under oath of one of the applicant's principal officers if the applicant is an association, club, or corporation. The annual fee for each hound running area permit is $250. All hound running area permits expire on March 31 of each year.
    Every applicant under this Section must also hold a fur-bearing mammal breeder permit or a Class B commercial game breeder permit, as appropriate.
    Upon receipt of an application, the Department is authorized to inspect the area proposed to be a hound running area as described in the application, the general premises, the facilities where the authorized species are to be maintained or propagated, and the habitat for the authorized species. As part of the application and inspection process, the Department shall assess the ability of the applicant to operate a property as a hound running area. If the Department finds that (i) the area meets the requirements of all applicable laws and rules, (ii) the authorized species are healthy and disease free, and (iii) the issuing of the permit will otherwise be in the public interest, then the Department shall approve the application and issue the permit for the operation of the property described in the application.
    (b) Hound running areas shall be operated in a manner consistent with the following:
        (1) Authorized species may be pursued with dogs in a
hound running area, but not in a manner or with the intent to capture or kill. The Department shall promulgate rules that establish appropriate and prohibited activities for hound running areas.
        (2) Every hound running area shall have dog-proof
escape areas. "Dog-proof escape area" means a culvert, brush pile, fenced refuge, or other structure suitable for use by authorized species to safely escape from dogs present on the hound running area. The number, type, and spacing of dog-proof escape areas shall be prescribed by administrative rule.
        (3) Every permit holder shall promptly post on the
hound running area, at intervals of not more than 500 feet, signs prescribed by the Department by administrative rule. The boundaries of the hound running area shall also be clearly defined by fencing and signs under administrative rules promulgated by the Department. The area, signs, fencing, dog-proof escape areas, and facilities to maintain the authorized species are subject to inspection by the Department at any reasonable time.
        (4) A permit holder may maintain authorized species
in temporary confinement facilities on the hound running area or at another location inspected by the Department and specified on the permit. Authorized species held by a permit holder may only be released into a hound running area, except that authorized species held by a permit holder may be released into the wild, exported, or given to a person that does not hold a hound running area permit or a fur-bearing mammal breeder permit or a Class B Commercial game breeders permit as appropriate, after written authorization is obtained from the Director. Prior to being released into a hound running area, all newly acquired authorized species shall be provided at least 7 days to acclimate to the hound running area in which the animal will be pursued. Authorized species held under a permit are subject to inspection by an agent of the Department and this inspection may include removal of reasonable samples for examination.
        (5) Any person who releases or handles dogs on a
hound running area is subject to the hunting license and habitat stamp requirements of this Act.
        (6) The permit holder shall keep accurate permanent
records on forms prescribed by the Department. The permanent records shall include, for each supplier of authorized species: (i) the supplier's full name, address, and telephone numbers; (ii) the number, sex, and identifier designation of each animal purchased, donated, sold, traded, or given to the permit holder by that supplier; and (iii) the date of the event or transaction. The permanent records shall also include the identification of all authorized species, while under the control of the permit holder on the area or elsewhere, by identifier designation and sex, along with information for each animal of the authorized species that gave birth, was born, died, or was disposed of in some other manner or that was sold, traded, donated, or conveyed in some other manner, and the dates on which those events occurred.
        (7) Every permit holder shall attach an individually
marked identifier provided by the Department to each animal of the authorized species maintained by the permit holder. The permit holder shall pay a fee for each identifier as established by the Department by administrative rule. The permit holder shall record the identifier for each animal maintained on the area or elsewhere or released into the area.
        (8) Any person using the hound running area shall at
all times respect the property rights of the property owners and the owners of adjacent properties, and shall not injure or destroy any livestock or property of any of those property owners. Springs and streams shall not be contaminated or polluted in any manner by persons using the hound running area. The natural use of springs and streams by dogs using the area shall not constitute contamination or pollution. Unless the express permission of the property owner has been given, no person using a hound running area may (i) mutilate or cut trees or shrubs on the hound running area or (ii) pick berries, fruits, or nuts present on the hound running area.
    (c) Except as otherwise provided by administrative rule, it is unlawful for any person to enter a hound running area at any time with a firearm, bow and arrow, or trap.
    (d) A hound running area permit is not transferable from one person to another. When a permit holder sells or leases the property that comprises or includes a hound running area and the purchaser or lessee intends to continue to use the hound running area under this Section, the purchaser or lessee must apply for a permit as provided in subsection (a) of this Section.
    (e) All authorized species must be legally acquired.
    (f) A person breeding or otherwise maintaining authorized species in conjunction with a hound running area must have the authorized species annually inspected and certified by a licensed Illinois veterinarian to be disease free. Anyone violating this subsection (f) is guilty of a business offense and shall be fined an amount not exceeding $5,000.
    (g) The provisions of this Section are subject to modification by administrative rule.
(Source: P.A. 95-196, eff. 1-1-08.)