(510 ILCS 68/65-5)
    Sec. 65-5. Permit application and fees. An applicant for a Herptile Special Use permit must file an application with the Department on a form provided by the Department. The application must include all information and requirements as set forth by administrative rule.
    The annual fee for a residential Herptile Special Use permit shall be set by administrative rule. The Herptile Special Use permit shall not be based on the number of special use herptile kept by an owner or possessor. All fees shall be deposited into the Illinois Wildlife Preservation Fund.
    The Department shall adopt, by administrative rule, procedures for the renewal of annual Herptile Special Use permits.
    Any person possessing and in legal possession of a special use herptile as stipulated in this Article that no longer wishes to keep the herptile may be assisted by the Department, at no charge to them and without prosecution, to place the special use herptile in a new home, within 30 days after the effective date of this Act.
    The Department may issue a Limited Entry permit to an applicant who: (i) is not a resident of this State; (ii) complies with the requirements of this Act and all rules adopted by the Department under the authority of this Act; (iii) provides proof to the Department that he or she shall, during the permit term, maintain sufficient liability insurance coverage; (iv) pays to the Department, along with each application for a Limited Entry permit, a non-refundable fee as set by administrative rule, which the Department shall deposit into the Illinois Wildlife Preservation Fund; and (v) uses the herptile for an activity authorized in the Limited Entry permit. A Limited Entry permit shall be valid for not more than 15 consecutive days. The application, review, and procedures to obtain or renew a Limited Entry permit shall be set by administrative rule.
(Source: P.A. 102-315, eff. 1-1-22; 103-363, eff. 7-28-23.)