(510 ILCS 68/100-15)
    Sec. 100-15. Seizure and forfeiture. If any person is found to possess a special use herptile that is in violation of this Act, including any administrative rules, then the special use herptile and any equipment or items used contrary to this Act shall be subject to seizure and forfeiture by the Department. Any special use herptile seized in violation of this Act may immediately be placed in a facility approved by the Department.
    If a person's special use herptile has been seized by the Department, then the owner and possessor of the special use herptile is liable for the reasonable costs associated with the seizure, placement, testing, and care for the special use herptile from the time of confiscation until the time the special use herptile is relocated to an approved facility or person holding a valid Herptile Special Use permit or is otherwise disposed of by the Department.
    Any special use herptile and related items found abandoned shall become the property of the Department and disposed of according to Department rule.
    The circuit court, in addition to any other penalty, may award any seized or confiscated special use herptiles or items to the Department as provided for in Section 1-215 of the Fish and Aquatic Life Code and Section 1.25 of the Wildlife Code. Further, the court, in addition to any other penalty, may assess a fee upon a person who pleads guilty to the provisions of this Act equal to the amount established or determined to maintain the special use herptile until it is permanently placed in a facility approved by the Department or otherwise disposed of.
(Source: P.A. 98-752, eff. 1-1-15.)