(510 ILCS 35/8) (from Ch. 8, par. 94)
    Sec. 8. No compensation shall be paid to any person for an animal condemned for tuberculosis:
    (a) Unless the bona fide owner is a resident or taxpayer of the State of Illinois;
    (b) Unless such animal, if imported into the State, was examined at the time of importation and found free from tuberculosis;
    (c) Unless the infected premises have been disinfected in such manner as to prevent the further spread of tuberculosis;
    (d) If the owner retains the animal for more than 30 days after it has been adjudged infected with tuberculosis;
    (e) If the owner violates any of the provisions of this Act or the reasonable rules promulgated by the Department under authority of this Act;
    (f) Unless the owner furnishes proof that animals added to his herd from other herds were added thereto in full compliance with statutory requirements and regulatory requirements of the Department as to the health status of such animals at the time of addition to his herd.
(Source: P.A. 77-110.)