(505 ILCS 100/8) (from Ch. 5, par. 958)
    Sec. 8. Each Control Authority may employ one or more Weed Control Superintendents who shall be certified by the Director to be qualified to detect and treat noxious weeds. The same person may be a Weed Control Superintendent for more than one Control Authority. Such employment may be for such tenure, and at such rates of compensation and reimbursement for travel expenses, as the Control Authority may prescribe. Each Weed Control Superintendent may be bonded for such sum as the Control Authority may prescribe.
    Each Control Authority shall examine all land under its jurisdiction for the purpose of determining whether the provisions of this Act and the regulations of the Director have been complied with; compile such data on infested areas and areas eradicated and such other reports as the Director or Control Authority may require; consult and advise upon matters pertaining to the best and most practical methods of noxious weed control and eradication, and render assistance and direction for the most effective control and eradication; investigate or aid in the investigation and prosecution of any violation of this Act. Control Authorities may cooperate and assist one another to the extent practicable in the carrying out of a coordinated control and eradication program within their counties.
(Source: P.A. 77-1037.)