(505 ILCS 100/11) (from Ch. 5, par. 961)
    Sec. 11. When it appears to a Control Authority that upon any tract of land under its jurisdiction there is an infestation of noxious weeds beyond the ability of the owner and the person in control of such land to eradicate, the Control Authority, with the approval of the Director, may quarantine such land and put into immediate operation the necessary means for the eradication of such noxious weeds. The Control Authority shall, prior to the entry upon such land, serve individual notices on the owner and the person in control thereof and the record owner of any encumbrance thereon of such quarantine and entry, and shall also advise such persons of the completion of the eradication operation, and the cost thereof. The expense of such quarantine and eradication shall be borne as follows: 1/2 from the Noxious Weed Control Fund or other appropriate general fund of the Control Authority; and 1/2 from the person owning such land, which may be collected and deposited as provided in Section 10.
(Source: P.A. 77-1037.)