(505 ILCS 40/15) (from Ch. 5, par. 715)
    Sec. 15. Any properly qualified corn marketing program shall provide for assessments against producers of the affected commodity to defray the costs of the activities provided for in the corn marketing program. Assessments authorized in a corn marketing program shall be based on the quantity of commodity marketed and shall be equitably assessed against all affected producers.
    The total assessment levied on the commodity of any affected producer shall be 1/4 cent per bushel of corn produced and sold by that producer. After the first 5 years a program is in operation, the corn marketing board may request the Director to hold a referendum to increase the assessment rate.
    Any referendum to increase the assessment rate shall be considered approved if a majority of those producers voting in the referendum vote in favor thereof. The corn marketing board shall increase the rate as set in the referendum.
    The corn marketing board shall require the first purchaser of corn to withhold and remit such assessments to the corn marketing board. A first purchaser remitting the assessments for any producer shall deduct the proper amount of assessment from any amount which he owes to such producer. The corn marketing board shall have the power to cause any duly authorized agent or representative to enter upon the premises of any purchaser of corn and examine or cause to be examined by such agent only books, papers and records which deal in any way with respect to the payment of the assessment or enforcement of this Act.
(Source: P.A. 82-941.)