(505 ILCS 5/6) (from Ch. 5, par. 1006)
    Sec. 6. Duties of the County Board. (a) Upon the receipt of such a proposal, the county board shall provide notice of such proposal by publishing a notice in a newspaper having general circulation within the proposed area or, if no such newspaper has a general circulation within the proposed area then in a newspaper having general circulation within the county and by posting such notice in five conspicuous places within the proposed area. A copy of such notice shall be sent to the county or regional planning commission for review or comment within 30 days. Such comment shall be made to the county board. The notice required to be published or posted under this Section shall contain the following information.
    1. a statement that a proposal for an agricultural area has been filed with the county board pursuant to this Act;
    2. a statement that the proposal will be on file open to public inspection at the county clerk's office;
    3. a statement that any landowner, owning land adjacent to or partially encompassed by the proposed area may propose a modification of the area to include or exclude such lands, within 30 days of the date of publication of notice. Such application shall be made on forms prescribed by the county board;
    4. a statement that any proposed modification must be filed with the county clerk and the clerk of the county board within 30 days after the publication of such notice;
    5. a statement that at the termination of the 30 day period, the proposal and proposed modifications will be submitted to the county committee, and that a public hearing will be held on the proposal, proposed modifications and recommendations of the county committee.
    (b) The county board shall receive any proposals for modifications of such proposal which may be submitted by the landowners within 30 days after the publication of such notice.
    (c) The county board shall simultaneously, upon the termination of such 30 day period, refer such proposal and proposed modifications to the county committee, which shall, within 45 days report to the county board its recommendations concerning the proposal and proposed modifications.
(Source: P.A. 81-1173.)