(430 ILCS 132/15)
    Sec. 15. Reporting of Special Needs Individuals.
    (a) Public safety agencies and suppliers of oxygen containers used for medical purposes shall make reasonable efforts to publicize the Premise Alert Program (PAP) database. Means of publicizing the database include, but are not limited to, pamphlets and websites.
    (b) Families, caregivers, or the individuals with disabilities or special needs may contact their local law enforcement agency or fire department or fire protection district.
    (c) Public safety workers are to be cognizant of special needs individuals they may come across when they respond to calls. If workers are able to identify individuals who have special needs, they shall try to ascertain as specifically as possible what that special need might be. The public safety worker should attempt to verify the special need as provided in item (2) of subsection (d).
    (d) The name, date of birth, phone number, residential address or place of employment of the individual with a disability, and a description of whether oxygen canisters are kept at that location for medical purposes should also be obtained for possible entry into the PAP database.
        (1) Whenever possible, it is preferable that written
permission is obtained from a parent, guardian, family member, or caregiver of the individual themselves prior to being entered into the PAP database.
        (2) No individual may be entered into a PAP
database unless the special need has been verified. Acceptable means of verifying a special need for purposes of this program shall include statements by:
            (A) the individual,
            (B) family members,
            (C) friends,
            (D) caregivers, or
            (E) medical personnel familiar with the
    (e) For public safety agencies that share the same CAD database, information collected by one agency serviced by the CAD database is to be disseminated to all agencies utilizing that database.
    (f) Information received at an incorrect public safety agency shall be accepted and forwarded to the correct agency as soon as possible.
    (g) All information entered into the PAP database must be updated every 2 years or when such information changes.
(Source: P.A. 99-143, eff. 7-27-15.)