(430 ILCS 35/2-16) (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 252-16)
    Sec. 2-16. "Banned hazardous substance" means:
        A. Any toy, or other article intended for use by
children, which is a hazardous substance, or which bears or contains a hazardous substance in such manner as to be susceptible of access by a child to whom such toy or other article is entrusted; provided, that the Director, by regulation, shall exempt from this paragraph articles, such as chemical sets, which by reason of their functional purpose require the inclusion of the hazardous substance involved, or necessarily present an electrical, mechanical or thermal hazard, and which bear labeling giving adequate directions and warnings for safe use and are intended for use by children who have attained sufficient maturity, and may be reasonably expected, to read and heed such directions and warnings, and shall exempt from this paragraph, and provide for the labeling of, toy pistol paper or plastic caps the sale and use of which is permitted under Section 1 of "An Act to prohibit the sale, offering or exposing for sale of fireworks; defining fireworks and to regulate the manner of using fireworks, and to provide penalties for the violation of the provisions of the Act", approved July 1, 1941.
        B. Any hazardous substance intended, or packaged in a
form suitable, for use in the household, which the Director by regulation classifies as a "banned hazardous substance" on the basis of a finding that notwithstanding such cautionary labeling as is or may be required under this Act for that substance, the degree or nature of the hazard involved in the presence or use of such substance in households is such that the objective of the protection of the public health and safety can be adequately served only by keeping such substance, when so intended or packaged, out of the channels of commerce; provided, that if the Director finds that the distribution for household use of the hazardous substance involved presents an imminent hazard to the public health, he may by order published in the official State newspaper give notice of such finding, and thereupon such substance when intended or offered for household use, or when so packaged as to be suitable for such use, shall be deemed to be a "banned hazardous substance" pending the completion of proceedings relating to the issuance of such regulation.
        C. Any glue, plastic cement or similar adhesive
product, packaged in a container containing 4 ounces or less by volume, and containing a solvent which has the property of releasing toxic vapors or fumes which does not include a noxious additive in such form and proportions as required by the Director. The term "noxious additive" shall mean any element or compound designated and approved by the Director for use as a safe and effective ingredient of glue, plastic cement or similar adhesive product containing a solvent having the property of releasing toxic vapors or fumes for the purpose of discouraging the intentional smelling or inhaling of the fumes of such glue, plastic cement or similar adhesive product.
        Containers of such glue, plastic cement or similar
adhesive product shall have indicated on the label the fact that the glue, plastic cement or similar adhesive product contains such required additive.
(Source: P.A. 78-255.)