(430 ILCS 35/13) (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 263)
    Sec. 13. This Act shall not apply to:
    (1) Any carrier, while lawfully engaged in transporting a hazardous substance within this State, if such carrier shall, upon request, permit the Director or his designated agent to copy all records showing the transactions in and movements of the articles;
    (2) Public Officials of this State and of the federal government engaged in the performance of their official duties;
    (3) The manufacturer or shipper of a hazardous substance for experimental use only:
        (a) By or under the supervision of an agency of this
State or of the federal government authorized by law to conduct research in the field of hazardous substances; or
        (b) By others if the hazardous substance is not sold
and if the container thereof is plainly and conspicuously marked "For experimental use only -- Not to be sold", together with the manufacturer's name and address; provided, however, that if a written permit has been obtained from the Director, hazardous substances may be sold for experimental purposes subject to such restrictions and conditions as may be set forth in the permit;
    (4) Any food, drug or cosmetic subject to the Federal Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act or to the Illinois Food, Drug and Cosmetic Act, or to preparations, drugs and chemicals which are dispensed by pharmacists authorized by and pursuant to the Pharmacy Practice Act; provided that this Act shall apply to any pressurized container containing a food, drug, cosmetic, chemical or other preparation.
    (5) Any economic poison subject to the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act, or to the "Illinois Pesticide Act", approved August 14, 1979, as amended, but shall apply to any article which is not itself an economic poison within the meaning of the Federal Insecticide, Fungicide and Rodenticide Act or the Illinois Pesticide Act, approved August 14, 1979, as amended, but which is a hazardous substance within the meaning of Section 2-4 of this Act, by reason of bearing or containing such an economic poison.
    (6) Fuel used primarily for cooking, heating or refrigeration when stored in containers and used in the heating, cooking or refrigeration system of a household.
    (7) Any article of wearing apparel, bedding, fabric, doll or toy which is subject to the provisions of the Illinois Flammable Fabrics and Toys Act, by reason of its flammable nature, but this Act shall apply to such article if it bears or contains a substance or mixture of substances which is toxic, corrosive, an irritant, strong sensitizer, or which generates pressure through decomposition, heat or other means and which may cause substantial personal injury or illness during or as a proximate result of any customary or reasonably anticipated handling or use including reasonably foreseeable ingestion by children.
    (8) Any source material, special nuclear material, or by-product material as defined in the Atomic Energy Act of 1954, as amended, and regulations issued pursuant thereto by the Atomic Energy Commission.
    (9) The labeling of any equipment or facilities for the use, storage, transportation, or manufacture of any hazardous material which is required to be placarded by "An Act to require labeling of equipment and facilities for the use, transportation, storage and manufacture of hazardous materials and to provide for a uniform response system to hazardous materials emergencies", approved August 26, 1976, as amended.
    The Director may exempt from the requirements established by or pursuant to this Act any hazardous substance or container of a hazardous substance with respect to which he finds adequate requirements satisfying the purposes of this Act have been established by or pursuant to and in compliance with any other federal or state law.
(Source: P.A. 95-689, eff. 10-29-07.)