(430 ILCS 35/12) (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 262)
    Sec. 12. The following acts and the causing thereof are prohibited:
    (1) The manufacture, distribution, sale, or offer for sale within this State, or the delivery for introduction or introduction into commerce, or the delivery for transportation or transportation in intrastate commerce or between points within this State through any point outside this State, or the receipt in commerce and subsequent delivery or proffered delivery for pay or otherwise, of a misbranded hazardous substance or a banned hazardous substance.
    (2) The alteration, mutilation, destruction, obliteration or removal of the whole or any part of the label of, or the doing of any other act with respect to, a hazardous substance, if such act is done while the substance is in commerce or is being held for sale and results in the substance being a misbranded hazardous substance or a banned hazardous substance.
    (3) The use by any person to his own advantage, or revealing other than to the Director or officers or employees of the Department, or officers or employees of agencies of this state or any other state, or of any federal agency when such information is required in carrying out their statutory duties, or to the courts when relevant in any judicial proceeding under this Act, or to physicians and in emergencies to pharmacists and other qualified persons for use in the preparation of antidotes, in accordance with such directions as the Director may prescribe, of any information acquired under authority of this Act concerning any product formula or any method or process which as a trade secret is entitled to protection.
    (4) The opposing or interfering in any way with the Director or his duly authorized agents in carrying out the duties imposed by this Act.
    (5) The giving of a guarantee or undertaking referred to in Section 16 which is false, except by a person who relied upon a guarantee or undertaking to the same effect signed by and containing the name and address of the person residing in the State of Illinois from whom he received the hazardous substance in good faith.
(Source: P.A. 76-1579.)