(425 ILCS 30/13) (from Ch. 127 1/2, par. 113)
    Sec. 13. No factory building used in the manufacture of explosive fireworks shall be situated nearer than five hundred feet to any inhabited dwelling, nor nearer than two hundred feet to any highway or any railroad, nor nearer than one hundred feet to any building used for the storage of explosives or fireworks, nor nearer than fifty feet to any other factory building. This section shall not apply to existing factory buildings in fireworks plants now in operation.
    (a) All fireworks plants shall be enclosed on all sides by a fence and all openings to such enclosures shall be fitted with suitable gates, which, when not locked, shall be in charge of a competent watchman who shall have charge of the fireworks plant when it is not in operation. This sub-section shall not apply to existing plants.
    (b) No stoves, or exposed flame shall be used in any part of any fireworks plant, except in the boiler room or machine shop, or in buildings where no fireworks or chemicals are stored therein. All parts of the buildings in fireworks plants shall be kept clean, orderly and free from accumulations of dust and rubbish.
    (c) Fireworks in the finished state shall not be stored in buildings where fireworks are in process of manufacture.
    (d) Each shipping package of fireworks shall bear upon the outside thereof the words "FIREWORKS--HANDLE CAREFULLY--KEEP FIRE AWAY" in letters not less than 7/16 inch in height, and in addition shall show the name of the fireworks manufacturer.
    (e) No employee or other person shall enter or attempt to enter any fireworks plant with matches, a lighted cigar, cigarette or pipe or other flame-producing device, nor with liquor or narcotics in his or her possession or control, nor while under the influence of liquor or narcotics, nor partake of intoxicants or narcotics while in the plant.
    (f) It shall be the duty of the superintendent, foreman or other person in charge of any fireworks plant to provide safety containers for matches at all main entrances of the plant, where all matches in the possession of all persons shall be deposited before entering the plant enclosure.
    (g) All fireworks plants shall be properly posted with "WARNING" and "NO SMOKING" signs.
(Source: Laws 1935, p. 881.)