(420 ILCS 40/38) (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 210-38)
    (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2027)
    Sec. 38. Authority of Agency in cases constituting an immediate threat to health.
    (a) Notwithstanding any other provision of this Act, whenever the Agency finds that a condition exists that constitutes an immediate threat to health, the Agency is authorized to do all of the following:
        (1) Enter onto public or private property and take
possession of sources of radiation that pose an immediate threat to health.
        (2) Enter an order for abatement of a violation of
any provisions of this Act or any code, rule, regulation, or order promulgated under this Act that requires immediate action to protect the public health or welfare, which order shall recite the existence of the immediate threat and the findings of the Agency pertaining to the threat. The order shall direct a response that the Agency determines appropriate under the circumstances, including but not limited to all of the following:
            (A) Discontinuance of the violation.
            (B) Decontamination of any property or structure
that has been contaminated as a result of the violation.
            (C) Restriction of access to property that has
been contaminated as a result of the violation.
            (D) Impounding of radiation sources possessed by
a person engaging in the violation.
        Such order shall be effective immediately but shall
include notice of the time and place of a public hearing before the Agency to be held within 30 days of the date of such order to assure the justification of such order. On the basis of such hearing the Agency shall continue such order in effect, revoke it or modify it. Any party affected by an order of the Agency shall have the right to waive the public hearing proceedings.
        (3) Direct the Attorney General to obtain an
injunction against any person responsible for causing or allowing the continuance of the immediate threat to health.
    (b) In responding to an immediate threat to health, as defined in subsection (a), the Agency is authorized to request the assistance of other units of government, including agencies of the federal government, and to assume reasonable costs of other units of government as agreed by the Agency. The Agency is authorized to assess the costs of its response and the response of its predecessor agency, the Department of Nuclear Safety, against the person or persons responsible for the creation or continuation of the threat. The costs may include costs for personnel, equipment, transportation, special services, and treatment, storage, and disposal of sources of radiation, including costs incurred by the Agency or the Department and costs incurred by other units of government that assist the Agency or the Department. If the Agency is unable to determine who is responsible for the creation or continuation of the threat, the costs shall be assessed against the owner of the property and shall constitute a lien against the property until paid. Any person assessed costs under this subsection shall have the right to a hearing before the Agency provided a written request for a hearing is served on the Agency within 10 days of notice of the assessment. In the absence of receipt of a request for a hearing, the affected party shall be deemed to have waived the right to a hearing.
(Source: P.A. 94-104, eff. 7-1-05.)