(420 ILCS 40/24.7)
    (Section scheduled to be repealed on January 1, 2027)
    Sec. 24.7. Registration requirement; fees. Beginning January 1, 2000, the Department of Nuclear Safety or its successor agency, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, is authorized to require every operator of a radiation installation to register the installation with the Department or the Agency before the installation is placed in operation. The Agency is authorized to exempt certain radiation sources from registration by rule when the Agency makes a determination that the exemption of such sources will not constitute a significant risk to health and safety of the public. Whenever there is a change in a radiation installation that affects the registration information provided to the Department or the Agency, including discontinuation of use or disposition of radiation sources, the operator of such installation shall, within 30 days, give written notice to the Department or the Agency detailing the change.
    Beginning January 1, 2000, every radiation installation operator using radiation machines shall register annually in a manner and form prescribed by the Department of Nuclear Safety or its successor agency, the Illinois Emergency Management Agency, and shall pay the Department or the Agency an annual registration fee for each radiation machine. The Agency shall by rule establish the annual registration fee to register and inspect radiation installations based on the type of facility and equipment possessed by the registrant. The Agency shall bill the operator for the registration fee as soon as practical after January 1. The registration fee shall be due and payable within 60 days of the date of billing. If after 60 days the registration fee is not paid, the Agency may issue an order directing the operator of the installation to cease use of all radiation machines or take other appropriate enforcement action as provided in Section 36 of this Act. Fees collected under this Section are not refundable.
    Registration of any radiation installation shall not imply approval of manufacture, storage, use, handling, operation, or disposal of radiation sources, but shall serve merely as notice to the Agency of the location and character of radiation sources in this State.
(Source: P.A. 94-104, eff. 7-1-05.)