(415 ILCS 151/1-30)
    (Section scheduled to be repealed on December 31, 2026)
    Sec. 1-30. Manufacturer registration.
    (a) By April 1, 2018, and by April 1 of each year thereafter for the upcoming program year, beginning with program year 2019, each manufacturer who sells CEDs in the State must register with the Agency by: (i) submitting to the Agency a $5,000 registration fee; and (ii) completing and submitting to the Agency the registration form prescribed by the Agency. Information on the registration form shall include, without limitation, all of the following:
        (1) a list of all of the brands and labels under
which the manufacturer's CEDs are sold or offered for sale in the State; and
        (2) the total weights, by CED category, of CEDs sold
in the United States to individuals, under any of the manufacturer's brands or labels, during the calendar year that is 2 years before the applicable program year.
    If, during a program year, any of the manufacturer's CEDs are sold or offered for sale in the State under a brand that is not listed in the manufacturer's registration, then, within 30 days after the first sale or offer for sale under that brand, the manufacturer must amend its registration to add the brand. All registration fees collected by the Agency pursuant to this Section shall be deposited into the Solid Waste Management Fund.
    (b) The Agency shall post on its website a list of all registered manufacturers.
    (c) Beginning in program year 2019, a manufacturer whose CEDs are sold or offered for sale in this State for the first time on or after April 1 of a program year must register with the Agency within 30 days after the date the CEDs are first sold or offered for sale in the State.
    (d) Beginning in program year 2019, manufacturers shall ensure that only recyclers that have registered with the Agency and meet the recycler standards set forth in Section 1-40 are used to transport or recycle residential CEDs collected at any program collection site or one-day collection event.
    (e) Beginning in program year 2019, no manufacturer may sell or offer for sale a CED in this State unless the manufacturer is registered and operates a manufacturer program either individually or as part of the manufacturer clearinghouse as required in this Act.
    (f) Beginning in program year 2019, no manufacturer may sell or offer for sale a CED in this State unless the manufacturer's brand name is permanently affixed to, and is readily visible on, the CED.
    (g) In accordance with a contract or agreement with a county, municipality, or municipal joint action agency that has elected to participate in a manufacturer e-waste program under this Act, manufacturers may, either individually or through the manufacturer clearinghouse, audit program collection sites and proposed program collection sites for compliance with the terms and conditions of the contract or agreement. Audits shall be conducted during normal business hours, and a manufacturer or its designee shall provide reasonable notice to the collection site in advance of the audit. Audits of all program collection sites may include, among other things, physical site location visits and inspections and review of processes, procedures, technical systems, reports, and documentation reasonably related to the collecting, sorting, packaging, and recycling of residential CEDs in compliance with this Act.
    (h) Nothing in this Act shall require a manufacturer or manufacturer e-waste program to collect, transport, or recycle any CEDs other than residential CEDs, or to accept for transport or recycling any pallet or bulk container of residential CEDs that has not been prepared by the collector for shipment in accordance with subsection (e) of Section 1-45.
(Source: P.A. 100-362, eff. 8-25-17; 100-433, eff. 8-25-17; 100-592, eff. 6-22-18.)