(415 ILCS 65/5) (from Ch. 5, par. 855)
    Sec. 5. Containment of spills, wash water, and rinsate collection.
    (a) No loading of lawn care products for distribution to a customer or washing or rinsing of pesticide residues from vehicles, application equipment, mixing equipment, floors or other items used for the storage, handling, preparation for use, transport, or application of pesticides to lawns shall be performed at a facility except in designated containment areas in accordance with the requirements of this Section. A lawn care containment permit, issued by the Department, shall be obtained prior to the operation of the containment area. The Department shall issue a lawn care containment permit when the containment area or facility complies with the provisions of this Section and the rules and regulations adopted under Sections 5 and 6. A permit fee of $100 shall be submitted to the Department with each permit application or permit renewal application. All moneys collected pursuant to this Section shall be deposited into the Pesticide Control Fund.
    (b) No later than January 1, 1993, containment areas shall be in use in any facility as defined in this Act and no wash water or rinsates may be released into the environment except in accordance with applicable law. Containment areas shall include the following requirements:
        (1) The containment area shall be constructed of
concrete, asphalt or other impervious materials which include, but are not limited to, polyethylene containment pans and synthetic membrane liners. All containment area materials shall be compatible with the lawncare products to be contained.
        (2) The containment area shall be designed to capture
spills, washwaters, and rinsates generated in the loading of application devices, the lawncare product-related servicing of vehicles, and the triple rinsing of pesticide containers and to prevent the release of such spills, washwaters, or rinsates to the environment other than as described in paragraph (3) of this subsection (b).
        (3) Spills, washwaters, and rinsates captured in the
containment area may be used in accordance with the label rates of the lawncare products, reused as makeup water for dilution of pesticides in preparation of application, or disposed in accordance with applicable local, State and federal regulations.
    (c) The requirements of this Section shall not apply to situations constituting an emergency where washing or rinsing of pesticide residues from equipment or other items is necessary to prevent imminent harm to human health or the environment.
    (d) The requirements of this Section shall not apply to persons subject to the containment requirements of the Illinois Pesticide Act or the Illinois Fertilizer Act of 1961 and any rules or regulations adopted thereunder.
(Source: P.A. 96-1310, eff. 7-27-10.)