(415 ILCS 15/7) (from Ch. 85, par. 5957)
    Sec. 7. (a) Each county shall begin implementation of its waste management plan, including the recycling program, within one year of adoption of the plan. The county may enter into written agreements with other persons, including a municipality or persons transporting municipal waste on the effective date of this Act, pursuant to which the persons undertake to fulfill some or all of the county's responsibilities under this Act. A person who enters into an agreement shall be responsible with the county for the implementation of such programs.
    (b) In implementing the recycling program, consideration for the collection, marketing and disposition of recyclable materials shall be given to persons engaged in the business of recycling within the county on the effective date of this Act, whether or not the persons were operating for profit.
    If a township within the county is operating a recycling program on the effective date of the plan which substantially conforms with or exceeds the requirements of the recycling program included in the plan, the township may continue to operate its recycling program, and such operation shall constitute, within the township, implementation of the recycling program included in the plan. A township may at any time adopt and implement a recycling program that is more stringent than that required by the county waste management plan.
    (c) The Agency shall assist counties in implementing recycling programs under this Act, and may, pursuant to appropriation, make grants and loans from the Solid Waste Management Fund to counties or other units of local government for that purpose, to be used for capital assistance or for the payment of recycling diversion credits or for other recycling program purposes, in accordance with such guidelines as may be adopted by the Agency.
(Source: P.A. 102-444, eff. 8-20-21.)