(415 ILCS 15/6) (from Ch. 85, par. 5956)
    Sec. 6. Each county waste management plan adopted under Section 4 shall include a recycling program. Such recycling program:
    (1) shall be implemented throughout the county and include a time schedule for implementation of the program.
    (2) shall provide for the designation of a recycling coordinator to administer the program.
    (3) shall be designed to recycle, by the end of the third and fifth years of the program, respectively 15% and 25% of the municipal waste generated in the county, subject to the existence of a viable market for the recycled material, based on measurements of recycling and waste generated in terms of weight. The determination of recycling rate shall not include: discarded motor vehicles, wastes used for clean fill or erosion control, or commercial, institutional or industrial machinery or equipment.
    (4) may provide for the construction and operation of one or more recycling centers by a unit of local government, or for contracting with other public or private entities for the operation of recycling centers.
    (5) may require residents of the county to separate recyclable materials at the time of disposal or trash pick-up.
    (6) may make special provision for commercial and institutional establishments that implement their own specialized recycling programs, provided that such establishments annually provide written documentation to the county of the total number of tons of material recycled.
    (7) shall provide for separate collection and composting of leaves.
    (8) shall include public education and notification programs to foster understanding of and encourage compliance with the recycling program.
    (9) shall include provisions for compliance, including incentives and penalties.
    (10) shall include provisions for (i) recycling the collected materials, (ii) identifying potential markets for at least 3 recyclable materials, and (iii) promoting the use of products made from recovered or recycled materials among businesses, newspapers and local governments in the county.
    (11) may provide for the payment of recycling diversion credits to public and private parties engaged in recycling activities.
(Source: P.A. 86-777; 87-650.)