(415 ILCS 5/3.235) (was 415 ILCS 5/3.17)
    Sec. 3.235. Industrial process waste. "Industrial process waste" means any liquid, solid, semi-solid, or gaseous waste generated as a direct or indirect result of the manufacture of a product or the performance of a service. Any such waste which would pose a present or potential threat to human health or to the environment or with inherent properties which make the disposal of such waste in a landfill difficult to manage by normal means is an industrial process waste. "Industrial Process Waste" includes but is not limited to spent pickling liquors, cutting oils, chemical catalysts, distillation bottoms, etching acids, equipment cleanings, paint sludges, incinerator ashes (including but not limited to ash resulting from the incineration of potentially infectious medical waste), core sands, metallic dust sweepings, asbestos dust, and off-specification, contaminated or recalled wholesale or retail products. Specifically excluded are uncontaminated packaging materials, uncontaminated machinery components, general household waste, landscape waste and construction or demolition debris.
(Source: P.A. 92-574, eff. 6-26-02.)