(415 ILCS 5/17.2) (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 1017.2)
    Sec. 17.2. (a) The Agency shall establish a regional groundwater protection planning program. The Agency, in cooperation with the Department of Natural Resources, shall designate priority groundwater protection planning regions. Such designations shall take into account the location of recharge areas that are identified and mapped by the Department of Natural Resources. Such designations may not be made until at least 18 months after the effective date of the Illinois Groundwater Protection Act or until the completion of the mapping by the Department of Natural Resources, whichever event occurs first.
    (b) The Agency shall establish a regional planning committee for each priority groundwater protection planning region. Such committee shall be appointed by the Director and shall include representatives from the Agency and other State agencies as appropriate, representatives from among the counties and municipalities in the region, representatives from among the owners or operators of public water supplies which use groundwater in the region, and at least 3 members of the general public which have an interest in groundwater protection. From among the non-State agency members, a chairperson shall be selected by a majority vote. Members of a regional planning committee shall serve for a term of 2 years.
    (c) Each regional planning committee shall be responsible for the following:
        (1) identification of and advocacy for
region-specific groundwater protection matters;
        (2) monitoring and reporting the progress made within
the region regarding implementation of protection for groundwaters;
        (3) maintaining a registry of instances where the
Agency has issued an advisory of groundwater contamination hazard within the region;
        (4) facilitating informational and educational
activities relating to groundwater protection within the region; and
        (5) recommending to the Agency whether there is a
need for regional protection pursuant to Section 17.3. Prior to making any such recommendation, the regional planning committee shall hold at least one public meeting at a location within the region. Such meeting may be held after not less than 30 days notice is provided, and shall provide an opportunity for public comment.
    (d) The Agency shall provide the regional planning committee with such supporting services as are reasonable for the performance of its duties with the exception of any review proceeding resulting from a decision made by the Agency pursuant to subsection (b) of Section 17.3.
(Source: P.A. 89-445, eff. 2-7-96.)