(410 ILCS 705/55-5)
    Sec. 55-5. Preparation of cannabis-infused products.
    (a) The Department of Agriculture may regulate the production of cannabis-infused products by a cultivation center, a craft grower, an infuser organization, or a dispensing organization and establish rules related to refrigeration, hot-holding, and handling of cannabis-infused products. All cannabis-infused products shall meet the packaging and labeling requirements contained in Section 55-21.
    (b) Cannabis-infused products for sale or distribution at a dispensing organization must be prepared by an approved agent of a cultivation center or infuser organization.
    (c) A cultivation center or infuser organization that prepares cannabis-infused products for sale or distribution by a dispensing organization shall be under the operational supervision of a Department of Public Health certified food service sanitation manager.
    (d) Dispensing organizations may not manufacture, process, or produce cannabis-infused products.
    (e) The Department of Public Health shall adopt and enforce rules for the manufacture and processing of cannabis-infused products, and for that purpose it may at all times enter every building, room, basement, enclosure, or premises occupied or used, or suspected of being occupied or used, for the production, preparation, manufacture for sale, storage, sale, processing, distribution, or transportation of cannabis-infused products, and to inspect the premises together with all utensils, fixtures, furniture, and machinery used for the preparation of these products.
    (f) The Department of Agriculture shall by rule establish a maximum level of THC that may be contained in each serving of cannabis-infused product, and within the product package.
    (g) If a local public health agency has a reasonable belief that a cannabis-infused product poses a public health hazard, it may refer the cultivation center, craft grower, or infuser that manufactured or processed the cannabis-infused product to the Department of Public Health. If the Department of Public Health finds that a cannabis-infused product poses a health hazard, it may bring an action for immediate injunctive relief to require that action be taken as the court may deem necessary to meet the hazard of the cultivation facility or seek other relief as provided by rule.
(Source: P.A. 101-27, eff. 6-25-19.)