(410 ILCS 705/35-30)
    Sec. 35-30. Infuser agent identification card.
    (a) The Department of Agriculture shall:
        (1) establish by rule the information required in an
initial application or renewal application for an agent identification card submitted under this Act and the nonrefundable fee to accompany the initial application or renewal application;
        (2) verify the information contained in an initial
application or renewal application for an agent identification card submitted under this Act, and approve or deny an application within 30 days of receiving a completed initial application or renewal application and all supporting documentation required by rule;
        (3) issue an agent identification card to a
qualifying agent within 15 business days of approving the initial application or renewal application;
        (4) enter the license number of the infuser where the
agent works; and
        (5) allow for an electronic initial application and
renewal application process, and provide a confirmation by electronic or other methods that an application has been submitted. The Department of Agriculture may by rule require prospective agents to file their applications by electronic means and provide notices to the agents by electronic means.
    (b) An agent must keep his or her identification card visible at all times when on the property of a cannabis business establishment including the cannabis business establishment for which he or she is an agent.
    (c) The agent identification cards shall contain the following:
        (1) the name of the cardholder;
        (2) the date of issuance and expiration date of the
identification card;
        (3) a random 10-digit alphanumeric identification
number containing at least 4 numbers and at least 4 letters that is unique to the holder;
        (4) a photograph of the cardholder; and
        (5) the legal name of the infuser organization
employing the agent.
    (d) An agent identification card shall be immediately returned to the infuser organization of the agent upon termination of his or her employment.
    (e) Any agent identification card lost by a transporting agent shall be reported to the Illinois State Police and the Department of Agriculture immediately upon discovery of the loss.
    (f) An agent applicant may begin employment at an infuser organization while the agent applicant's identification card application is pending. Upon approval, the Department shall issue the agent's identification card to the agent. If denied, the infuser organization and the agent applicant shall be notified and the agent applicant must cease all activity at the infuser organization immediately.
(Source: P.A. 101-27, eff. 6-25-19; 102-98, eff. 7-15-21; 102-538, eff. 8-20-21; 102-813, eff. 5-13-22.)