(410 ILCS 705/30-45)
    Sec. 30-45. Renewal of craft grower licenses and agent identification cards.
    (a) Licenses and identification cards issued under this Act shall be renewed annually. A craft grower shall receive written or electronic notice 90 days before the expiration of its current license that the license will expire. The Department of Agriculture shall grant a renewal within 45 days of submission of a renewal application if:
        (1) the craft grower submits a renewal application
and the required nonrefundable renewal fee of $40,000, or another amount as the Department of Agriculture may set by rule after January 1, 2021;
        (2) the Department of Agriculture has not suspended
the license of the craft grower or suspended or revoked the license for violating this Act or rules adopted under this Act;
        (3) the craft grower has continued to operate in
accordance with all plans submitted as part of its application and approved by the Department of Agriculture or any amendments thereto that have been approved by the Department of Agriculture;
        (4) the craft grower has submitted an agent,
employee, contracting, and subcontracting diversity report as required by the Department; and
        (5) the craft grower has submitted an environmental
impact report.
    (b) If a craft grower fails to renew its license before expiration, it shall cease operations until its license is renewed.
    (c) If a craft grower agent fails to renew his or her identification card before its expiration, he or she shall cease to work as an agent of the craft grower organization until his or her identification card is renewed.
    (d) Any craft grower that continues to operate, or any craft grower agent who continues to work as an agent, after the applicable license or identification card has expired without renewal is subject to the penalties provided under Section 45-5.
    (e) All fees or fines collected from the renewal of a craft grower license shall be deposited into the Cannabis Regulation Fund.
(Source: P.A. 101-27, eff. 6-25-19.)