(410 ILCS 705/1-5)
    Sec. 1-5. Findings.
    (a) In the interest of allowing law enforcement to focus on violent and property crimes, generating revenue for education, substance abuse prevention and treatment, freeing public resources to invest in communities and other public purposes, and individual freedom, the General Assembly finds and declares that the use of cannabis should be legal for persons 21 years of age or older and should be taxed in a manner similar to alcohol.
    (b) In the interest of the health and public safety of the residents of Illinois, the General Assembly further finds and declares that cannabis should be regulated in a manner similar to alcohol so that:
        (1) persons will have to show proof of age before
purchasing cannabis;
        (2) selling, distributing, or transferring cannabis
to minors and other persons under 21 years of age shall remain illegal;
        (3) driving under the influence of cannabis,
operating a watercraft under the influence of cannabis, and operating a snowmobile under the influence of cannabis shall remain illegal;
        (4) legitimate, taxpaying business people, and not
criminal actors, will conduct sales of cannabis;
        (5) cannabis sold in this State will be tested,
labeled, and subject to additional regulation to ensure that purchasers are informed and protected; and
        (6) purchasers will be informed of any known health
risks associated with the use of cannabis, as concluded by evidence-based, peer reviewed research.
    (c) The General Assembly further finds and declares that it is necessary to ensure consistency and fairness in the application of this Act throughout the State and that, therefore, the matters addressed by this Act are, except as specified in this Act, matters of statewide concern.
    (d) The General Assembly further finds and declares that this Act shall not diminish the State's duties and commitment to seriously ill patients registered under the Compassionate Use of Medical Cannabis Program Act, nor alter the protections granted to them.
    (e) The General Assembly supports and encourages labor neutrality in the cannabis industry and further finds and declares that employee workplace safety shall not be diminished and employer workplace policies shall be interpreted broadly to protect employee safety.
(Source: P.A. 101-27, eff. 6-25-19; 101-593, eff. 12-4-19.)