(410 ILCS 650/5) (from Ch. 56 1/2, par. 71)
    Sec. 5. Every such building, room, basement, inclosure, or premises occupied, used or maintained for the production, preparation, manufacture, canning, packing, storage, sale or distribution of such food, shall have adequate and convenient toilet rooms, lavatory or lavatories. The toilet rooms shall be separate and apart from the room or rooms where the process of production, preparation, manufacture, packing, storing, canning, selling and distributing is conducted. The floors of such toilet rooms shall be of cement, tile, wood, brick or other non-absorbent material, and shall be washed and scoured daily. Such toilet or toilets shall be furnished with separate ventilating flues and pipes discharging into soil pipes or shall be on the outside of and well removed from the building. Lavatories and wash rooms shall be adjacent to toilet rooms, or when the toilet is outside of the building, the wash room shall be near the exit to the toilet and shall be supplied with soap, running water and towels and shall be maintained in a sanitary condition.
(Source: Laws 1911, p. 528.)