(410 ILCS 635/14.1) (from Ch. 56 1/2, par. 2214.1)
    Sec. 14.1. (a) A milk tank truck used to haul grade A milk or milk products may be used only for that purpose, and may not be used to haul any other substance, except those substances listed pursuant to subsection (c) of this Section.
    (b) Milk introduced into any tank truck that has been previously used to haul any chemical or foreign substance, other than grade A milk or milk products, shall be presumed to be contaminated, unwholesome and unfit for human consumption, unless such tank truck was cleaned and sanitized prior to the introduction of the milk according to the standards promulgated by the Department.
    (c) The Department shall adopt by rule a listing of those substances other than milk that may be hauled by milk tank trucks into which, after proper cleaning and sanitizing procedures have been completed, milk can be reintroduced without risk of contamination from any residue from the substance. Such list shall not contain any toxic substance.
    (d) This Section does not prohibit the use in milk tank trucks of any substance permitted by the Department to be used in the cleaning, sterilization or routine maintenance of milk tank trucks.
    (e) The Department shall require the maintenance of a log for each tank truck used to haul milk and other substances. Such logs shall include: (1) the date or dates of each trip taken by the tank truck; (2) the name of the substance hauled by the tank truck; (3) the date the tank truck was cleaned and sanitized; (4) the location where the truck was cleaned and sanitized; and (5) such other information deemed necessary by the Department to enforce this Act. The log for a tank truck shall be available upon request.
(Source: P.A. 84-1069.)