(410 ILCS 625/3.05)
    Sec. 3.05. Non-restaurant food handler training.
    (a) All food handlers not employed by a restaurant as defined in Section 3.06 of this Act, other than someone holding a food service sanitation manager certificate, must receive or obtain training in basic safe food handling principles as outlined in subsection (b) of this Section within 30 days after employment. There is no limit to how many times an employee may take the training. Training is not transferable between individuals or employers. Proof that a food handler has been trained must be available upon reasonable request by a State or local health department inspector and may be in an electronic format.
    (b) Food handler training must cover and assess knowledge of the following topics:
        (1) The relationship between time and temperature
with respect to foodborne illness, including the relationship between time and temperature and micro-organisms during the various food handling preparation and serving states, and the type, calibration, and use of thermometers in monitoring food temperatures.
        (2) The relationship between personal hygiene and
food safety, including the association of hand contact, personal habits and behaviors, and the food handler's health to foodborne illness, and the recognition of how policies, procedures, and management contribute to improved food safety practices.
        (3) Methods of preventing food contamination in all
stages of food handling, including terms associated with contamination and potential hazards prior to, during, and after delivery.
        (4) Procedures for cleaning and sanitizing equipment
and utensils.
        (5) Problems and potential solutions associated with
temperature control, preventing cross-contamination, housekeeping, and maintenance.
    (c) Training modules must be approved by the Department. Any and all documents, materials, or information related to a restaurant or business food handler training module submitted to the Department is confidential and shall not be open to public inspection or dissemination and is exempt from disclosure under Section 7 of the Freedom of Information Act. Any modules complying with subsection (b) of this Section and not approved within 180 days after the Department's receipt of the business application shall automatically be considered approved. If a training module has been approved in another state, then it shall automatically be considered approved in Illinois so long as the business provides proof that the training has been approved in another state. Training may be conducted by any means available, including, but not limited to, on-line, computer, classroom, live trainers, remote trainers, and certified food service sanitation managers. Nothing in this subsection (c) shall be construed to require a proctor. There must be at least one commercially available, approved food handler training module at a cost of no more than $15 per employee; if an approved food handler training module is not available at that cost, then the provisions of this Section 3.05 shall not apply.
    (d) The regulation of food handler training is considered to be an exclusive function of the State, and local regulation is prohibited. This subsection (d) is a denial and limitation of home rule powers and functions under subsection (h) of Section 6 of Article VII of the Illinois Constitution.
    (e) The provisions of this Section apply beginning July 1, 2016. From July 1, 2016 through December 31, 2016, enforcement of the provisions of this Section shall be limited to education and notification of requirements to encourage compliance.
(Source: P.A. 98-566, eff. 8-27-13.)