(410 ILCS 615/17.5)
    Sec. 17.5. Subpoenas. The Director may issue subpoenas, may bring before the Department any person, and may take testimony either at an administrative hearing or by deposition, with witness fees and mileage fees and in the same manner as prescribed in the Code of Civil Procedure. The Director may administer oaths to witnesses at any proceeding that the Department is authorized by law to conduct. The Director may issue subpoenas duces tecum to command the production of any records relating to any person. Subpoenas are subject to the rules of the Department.
    If a person fails to obey a subpoena, the Director or any person who caused the subpoena to be issued may cause a petition for enforcement of the subpoena to be filed in the circuit court of the county of residence or principal place of business of the person who failed or refused to obey the subpoena or in Sangamon County. The circuit court has jurisdiction to enforce the subpoena.
(Source: P.A. 89-154, eff. 7-19-95.)