(410 ILCS 605/2) (from Ch. 8, par. 107)
    Sec. 2. In the event any animal shall be inspected by any person herein authorized to make an inspection, and in his judgment the animal is found to be afflicted with any disease or ailment which would render it unfit for human food, the examiner shall forthwith take possession or control of the animal, and notify the owner or person or corporation in control or possession thereof that it is unfit for human food; whereupon the animal shall immediately be killed and the carcass examined by some person or persons authorized to make inspection thereof. If upon examination the examiner believes that it is suitable for human food, he shall allow the person or corporation from whom said animal was taken to make disposition of the carcass, or the examiner shall cause it to be sold; but if in the opinion of the inspector the carcass is unwholesome or unfit for human food, then it shall be stamped, marked, tagged or labeled by the examiner "Inspected and condemned," and every such condemned carcass shall be destroyed for the purposes of human food and the examiner shall cause the offal thereof to be sold: Provided, that if such carcass shall be disposed of for food purposes by such inspector and the offal sold, the proceeds thereof shall be accounted for as the Department of Agriculture may provide.
(Source: Laws 1943, vol. 1, p. 39.)