(410 ILCS 522/10-35)
    Sec. 10-35. Analysis of reports; communication of findings. The Department shall do the following:
        (1) Analyze adverse event reports, corrective action
plans, and findings of the root cause analyses to determine patterns of systemic failure in the health care system and successful methods to correct these failures.
        (2) Communicate to individual health care facilities
the Department's conclusions, if any, regarding an adverse event reported by the health care facility.
        (3) Communicate to relevant health care facilities
any recommendations for corrective action resulting from the Department's analysis of submissions from facilities.
        (4) Publish an annual report that does the following:
            (i) Describes, by institution, adverse health
care events reported.
            (ii) Summarizes, in aggregate form, the
corrective action plans and findings of root cause analyses submitted by health care facilities.
            (iii) Describes adopted recommendations for
quality improvement practices.
(Source: P.A. 94-242, eff. 7-18-05.)