(410 ILCS 230/4-101) (from Ch. 111 1/2, par. 4604-101)
    Sec. 4-101. (A) Funds provided under this Act may be used by grantees to:
        (1) Link services to-
            (a) assist problem pregnancies, and
            (b) assist those who are pregnant or who have
already had their babies to obtain proper care and become productive and independent contributors to family and community life;
        (2) Identify and provide access to other services to
help assist problem pregnancy and assist those persons in becoming productive and independent contributors to family and community life;
        (3) Supplement services and care not adequate in the
community which are essential to assist problem pregnancy and to assist those in need in becoming productive and independent contributors to family and community life;
        (4) Provide technical assistance to enable other
communities to develop successful problem pregnancy prevention and pregnancy-related programs for those in need, however, no person shall, under the authority of this Act, dispense oral contraceptives or other birth control devices or medication;
        (5) Provide training (but not including institutional
training or training and assistance provided by consultants) to providers of services, including skills in multi-disciplinary approaches to problem pregnancy-related services and in the provision of such services.
    (B) For purposes of this Act, projects which link services means projects which enable the provision of a comprehensive set of services in a single setting or establish a well-coordinated network of services in a community, including outreach, the making available of services in a convenient manner and in easily accessible locations, and follow-up to assure that those persons in need are receiving appropriate assistance. The services which may be included in such projects include education at the community level concerning sexuality and the responsibilities of parenthood, health, mental health, nutrition, education, vocational, and employment counseling, prenatal and postpartum health care, residential care and pregnant adolescents, and services to enable pregnant adolescents to remain in school or to continue their education.
    (C) Grantees may not establish income eligibility requirements for services paid for with funds under this Act, but grantees shall ensure that priority is given to the objective of making such services available to those persons in need at risk of initial or repeat pregnancies who are not able to obtain needed assistance through other means.
    (D) Grantees may charge fees for services paid for with funds under this Act, but only pursuant to a fee schedule, approved by the Secretary as a part of the application described in Section 4-103, which bases fees charged by the grantee on the income of the service recipients and takes account of the difficulty some persons face in obtaining resources to pay for services.
    (E) Except as provided in this subsection, in no case may a grantee under this Act use in excess of 50 per centum of its grant under this Act in any year to cover any part of the cost of services. The Secretary may grant a waiver of the limitation specified in the preceding sentence in accordance with criteria to be specified in regulations.
(Source: P.A. 89-507, eff. 7-1-97.)