(410 ILCS 67/5-20)
    Sec. 5-20. Reimbursement. Community health worker services shall be covered under the medical assistance program, subject to appropriation, for persons who are otherwise eligible for medical assistance. The Department of Healthcare and Family Services shall develop services, including, but not limited to, care coordination and diagnosis-related patient services, for which community health workers will be eligible for reimbursement and shall request approval from the federal Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services to reimburse community health worker services under the medical assistance program. For reimbursement under the medical assistance program, a community health worker must work under the supervision of an enrolled medical program provider, as specified by the Department, and certification shall be required for reimbursement. The supervision of enrolled medical program providers and certification are not required for community health workers who receive reimbursement through managed care administrative moneys. Noncertified community health workers are reimbursable at the discretion of managed care entities following availability of community health worker certification. In addition, the Department of Healthcare and Family Services shall amend its contracts with managed care entities to allow managed care entities to employ community health workers or subcontract with community-based organizations that employ community health workers.
(Source: P.A. 102-4, eff. 4-27-21.)