(410 ILCS 50/5)
    Sec. 5. Statement of hospital patient's rights.
    (a) Each patient admitted to a hospital, and the guardian or authorized representative or parent of a minor patient, shall be given a written statement of all the rights enumerated in this Act, or a similar statement of patients' rights required of the hospital by the Joint Commission on Accreditation of Healthcare Organizations or a similar accrediting organization. The statement shall be given at the time of admission or as soon thereafter as the condition of the patient permits.
    (b) If a patient is unable to read the written statement, a hospital shall make a reasonable effort to provide it to the guardian or authorized representative of the patient.
    (c) The statement shall also include the right not to be discriminated against by the hospital due to the patient's race, color, or national origin where such characteristics are not relevant to the patient's medical diagnosis and treatment. The statement shall further provide each admitted patient or the patient's representative or guardian with notice of how to initiate a grievance regarding improper discrimination with the hospital and how the patient may lodge a grievance with the Illinois Department of Public Health and the Illinois Department of Human Rights regardless of whether the patient has first used the hospital's grievance process.
(Source: P.A. 97-485, eff. 8-22-11.)