(405 ILCS 5/4-200) (from Ch. 91 1/2, par. 4-200)
    Sec. 4-200. (a) A person with a developmental disability may be admitted to a facility for residential and habilitation services only as provided in this Chapter, except that a person may be transferred by the Department of Corrections pursuant to the Unified Code of Corrections, as now or hereafter amended. A person transferred by the Department of Corrections in this manner may be released only as provided in the Unified Code of Corrections.
    (b) Persons shall be admitted to Department facilities based on an assessment of their current individual needs and not solely on the basis of inclusion in a particular diagnostic category, identification by subaverage intelligence test score, or consideration of a past history of hospitalization or residential placement.
    (c) In all cases, the Department shall provide services to persons identified as having a developmental disability in the least restrictive environment as required by subsection (a) of Section 2-102 of this Code.
    (d) Except as provided in Article VI of this Chapter, nothing in this Chapter shall govern or prohibit the admission of a person with a developmental disability to nonresidential services.
(Source: P.A. 88-380; 89-439, eff. 6-1-96.)