(330 ILCS 61/1-5)
    Sec. 1-5. Legislative intent. As a guide to the interpretation and application of this Act, the public policy of the State is declared as follows:
        (1) The General Assembly recognizes the common public
interest in safeguarding and promoting military service by:
            (A) minimizing disadvantages to military service
in civilian careers;
            (B) providing for prompt reemployment and
protections of service members in a manner that minimizes disruption to the lives of such employees, their employers, and co-workers;
            (C) prohibiting discrimination against and
interference with military service; and
            (D) ensuring that public entities are model
employers of reserve components by providing additional benefits.
        (2) This law should be interpreted as comprising a
foundation of protections guaranteed by this Act; therefore, nothing in this Act shall supersede, nullify, or diminish any federal or State law, including any local law or ordinance, contract, agreement, policy, plan, practice, or other matter that establishes a right or benefit that is more beneficial to, or is in addition to, a right or benefit provided for in this Act. The benefits and protections under this Act cannot be diminished.
        (3) This Act shall be liberally construed so as to
effectuate the purposes and provisions of this Act for the benefit of the service member who has set aside civilian pursuits to serve his or her country or this State in a time of need. Such sacrifice benefits everyone but is made by relatively few.
        (4) The new service member benefits under this Act
are in force on and after the effective date of this Act.
(Source: P.A. 100-1101, eff. 1-1-19.)