(325 ILCS 5/7.9) (from Ch. 23, par. 2057.9)
    Sec. 7.9. The Department shall prepare, print, and distribute initial, preliminary, and final reporting forms to each Child Protective Service Unit. Initial written reports from the reporting source shall contain the following information to the extent known at the time the report is made: (1) the names and addresses of the child and the child's parents or other persons responsible for the child's welfare; (1.5) the name and address of the school that the child attends (or the school that the child last attended, if the report is written during the summer when school is not in session), and the name of the school district in which the school is located, if applicable; (2) the child's age, sex, and race; (3) the nature and extent of the child's abuse or neglect, including any evidence of prior injuries, abuse, or neglect of the child or the child's siblings; (4) the names of the persons apparently responsible for the abuse or neglect; (5) family composition, including names, ages, sexes, and races of other children in the home; (6) the name of the person making the report, the reporter's occupation, and where the reporter can be reached; (7) the actions taken by the reporting source, including the taking of photographs and x-rays, placing the child in temporary protective custody, or notifying the medical examiner or coroner; and (8) any other information the person making the report believes might be helpful in the furtherance of the purposes of this Act.
(Source: P.A. 103-22, eff. 8-8-23.)