(325 ILCS 2/60)
    Sec. 60. Department's duties. The Department must implement a public information program to promote safe placement alternatives for newborn infants. The public information program must inform the public of the following:
        (1) The relinquishment alternative provided for in
this Act, which results in the adoption of a newborn infant under 7 days of age and which provides for the parent's anonymity, if the parent so chooses.
        (2) The alternative of adoption through a public or
private agency, in which the parent's identity may or may not be known to the agency, but is kept anonymous from the adoptive parents, if the birth parent so desires, and which allows the parent to be actively involved in the child's adoption plan.
    The public information program may include, but need not be limited to, the following elements:
        (i) Educational and informational materials in print,
audio, video, electronic or other media.
        (ii) Establishment of a web site.
        (iii) Public service announcements and advertisements.
        (iv) Establishment of toll-free telephone hotlines to
provide information.
(Source: P.A. 94-941, eff. 6-26-06.)