(315 ILCS 25/7) (from Ch. 67 1/2, par. 91.14)
    Sec. 7. Making of repairs to bring properties up to minimum standards - Placing of lien on improved property. If any owner or agent of improved private property within a Conservation Area as designated under this Act, shall after notice to owner or agent and to mortgagee to comply and opportunity to be heard, fail to make such property conform to minimum standards as set forth in the governing ordinances of the municipality, the corporate authorities of a municipality upon the request of the Conservation Board, shall apply to the Circuit Court of the county in which the property is located for an order of court permitting the corporate authorities to make such improved property conform to such minimum standards and to charge and collect from the owners of and persons interested in such property the reasonable cost and expense of making such repairs or improvements as are necessary to bring the property up to the minimum standards of such ordinances. This cost and expense is a lien upon the real estate affected, subordinate to all prior existing liens and encumbrances, provided that within 60 days after the cost and expense is incurred the municipality or person performing the service by authority of the municipality, in his or its own name, shall file notice of lien in the office of the recorder in the county in which said real estate is located or in the office of the Registrar of Titles of such county if the real estate affected is registered under "An Act concerning land titles", approved May 1, 1897, as amended. The notice shall consist of a sworn statement setting out (1) a description of the real estate sufficient for identification thereof; (2) the amount of money representing the cost and expense incurred or payable for the services; (3) the date or dates when said cost and expense was incurred by the municipality. However, the lien of such municipality shall not be valid as to any purchaser, mortgagee, judgment creditor, or other lienor whose rights in and to said real estate have arisen subsequent to such repair or improvements and prior to the filing of the notice of such lien, in the office of the recorder, or in the offices of the Registrar of Titles, as aforesaid. Upon payment of said cost and expense by the owner of or a person interested in said property, after notice of lien has been filed, the lien shall be released by the municipality or person in whose name the lien has been filed and said release may be filed of record as in the case of filing notice of lien. The lien may be enforced by proceedings to foreclose as in case of mortgages or mechanics liens. Suit to foreclose this lien shall be commenced within three years after the date of filing notice of lien.
(Source: P.A. 83-358.)