(315 ILCS 5/25) (from Ch. 67 1/2, par. 87)
    Sec. 25. With the approval of the Department and the governing body of the municipality, a Land Clearance Commission may use any of the funds arising from the sale of any property acquired by the use of the separate fund herein provided for in furtherance of any of the purposes of this Act in such municipality in the manner provided in this Act. Upon a certificate presented by a Land Clearance Commission to the Department to the effect that such Commission has completed any project undertaken by it under this Act and that it has no other or further duties to perform in its area of operation, the Department shall require the Land Clearance Commission to repay to the State of Illinois and to the municipality included in the area of its operation any unexpended and unobligated funds of the Commission, in the proportion in which grants were made to such Commission by the State and the municipality, including therein grants, if any, made by the State to the Commission pursuant to any appropriations for slum and blight eradication, land clearance or other authorized purpose. Grants made pursuant to Section 22 shall be considered as grants made by the State.
    Provided, however, that when a Department of Urban Renewal is established pursuant to the provisions of the "Urban Renewal Consolidation Act of 1961", enacted by the Seventy-Second General Assembly, in a municipality in which a Land Clearance Commission exists, such Land Clearance Commission, in accordance with the provisions of said Urban Renewal Consolidation Act of 1961, shall transfer and pay over to the municipality which initiated the creation of such Department of Urban Renewal all unexpended and unobligated funds of the Commission.
(Source: P.A. 81-1509.)