(315 ILCS 5/18.1) (from Ch. 67 1/2, par. 80a)
    Sec. 18.1. A Commission created for a municipality having a population in excess of 500,000 as determined by the last preceding Federal or State census, with the approval of the Department and the governing body of the municipality in which the project is located, may sell and convey any part of the real property within the area of a slum and blighted area redevelopment project as defined in Subsection (k) of Section 3 hereof to a Housing Authority created under an Act entitled "An Act in relation to housing authorities," approved March 19, 1934, as amended, having jurisdiction within the area of the redevelopment project or projects. Any real property sold and conveyed to a Housing Authority pursuant to the provisions of this Section shall be for the sole purpose of resale pursuant to the terms and provisions of Section 5 of an Act entitled "An Act to facilitate the development and construction of housing, to provide governmental assistance therefor, and to repeal an Act herein named," approved July 2, 1947, to a nonprofit corporation, or nonprofit corporations, organized for the purpose of constructing, managing and operating housing projects and the improvement of housing conditions, including the sale or rental of housing units to persons in need thereof. No sale shall be consummated pursuant to this Section unless the nonprofit corporation to which the Housing Authority is to resell, obligates itself to use the land for the purposes designated in the approved plan referred to in Section 19.1 hereof and to commence and complete the building of the improvements within the periods of time which the Commission fixes as reasonable and unless the Commission is satisfied that the nonprofit corporation will have sufficient moneys to complete the redevelopment in accordance with the approved plan.
    Any real property sold and conveyed to a Housing Authority pursuant to the provisions of this Section shall be sold at its use value (which may be less than its acquisition cost), which represents the value at which the Commission determines such land should be made available in order that it may be developed or redeveloped for the purposes specified in the approved plan.
(Source: P.A. 81-1509.)