(315 ILCS 5/15) (from Ch. 67 1/2, par. 77)
    Sec. 15. When a Land Clearance Commission has acquired title to, and possession of, all or any part of the real property located within a redevelopment project pursuant to the provisions of this Act, it may let contracts for the demolition or removal of buildings standing thereon and for the removal of any debris resulting therefrom. The Commission shall advertise for sealed bids for the doing of such work. The advertisement shall describe by street number or other means of identification the location of the buildings which are to be demolished or removed and shall state the time when and place where sealed bids for the doing of the work may be delivered to the Commission. The advertisement shall be published once in a newspaper having a general circulation in the municipality in which the real property is situated at least twenty (20) days prior to the date named therein when time for receiving bids will expire. A contract for the doing of the work shall be let to the lowest responsible bidder, but the Commission may reject any and all bids received and readvertise for bids. Any contract entered into by the Commission pursuant to this Section shall contain provisions requiring the contractor to give bond in an amount equal to one-third of his bid price, but in no event in excess of Twenty-Five Thousand Dollars ($25,000.00), conditioned for the faithful performance of the contract and requiring the contractor to furnish insurance of a character and amount to be determined by the Commission protecting the Commission and the municipality and their officers, agents and employees against any claims for personal injuries (including death) and property damage that may be asserted because of the doing of the work. The Commission may include in any advertisement and in the contract to be let pursuant thereto one or more buildings, or such group of buildings, as the Commission in its sole discretion may determine.
(Source: Laws 1947, p. 1072.)