(310 ILCS 67/50)
    Sec. 50. Housing Appeals Board.
    (a) Prior to January 1, 2008, a Housing Appeals Board shall be created consisting of 7 members appointed by the Governor as follows:
        (1) a retired circuit judge or retired appellate
judge, who shall act as chairperson;
        (2) a zoning board of appeals member;
        (3) a planning board member;
        (4) a mayor or municipal council or board member;
        (5) a county board member;
        (6) an affordable housing developer; and
        (7) an affordable housing advocate.
    In addition, the Chairman of the Illinois Housing Development Authority, ex officio, shall serve as a non-voting member. No more than 4 of the appointed members may be from the same political party. Appointments under items (2), (3), and (4) shall be from local governments that are not exempt under this Act.
    (b) Initial terms of 4 members designated by the Governor shall be for 2 years. Initial terms of 3 members designated by the Governor shall be for one year. Thereafter, members shall be appointed for terms of 2 years. After a member's term expires, the member shall continue to serve until a successor is appointed. There shall be no limit to the number of terms an appointee may serve. A member shall receive no compensation for his or her services, but shall be reimbursed by the State for all reasonable expenses actually and necessarily incurred in the performance of his or her official duties. The board shall hear all petitions for review filed under this Act and shall conduct all hearings in accordance with the rules and regulations established by the chairperson. The Illinois Housing Development Authority shall provide space and clerical and other assistance that the Board may require.
    (c) (Blank).
    (d) To the extent possible, any vacancies in the Housing Appeals Board shall be filled within 90 days of the vacancy.
(Source: P.A. 102-175, eff. 7-29-21.)