(305 ILCS 5/4-1.2) (from Ch. 23, par. 4-1.2)
    Sec. 4-1.2. Living Arrangements - Parents - Relatives - Foster Care.
    (a) The child or children must (1) be living with his or their father, mother, grandfather, grandmother, brother, sister, stepfather, stepmother, stepbrother, stepsister, uncle or aunt, or other relative approved by the Illinois Department, in a place of residence maintained by one or more of such relatives as his or their own home, or (2) have been (a) removed from the home of the parents or other relatives by judicial order under the Juvenile Court Act or the Juvenile Court Act of 1987, as amended, (b) placed under the guardianship of the Department of Children and Family Services, and (c) under such guardianship, placed in a foster family home, group home or child care institution licensed pursuant to the "Child Care Act of 1969", approved May 15, 1969, as amended, or approved by that Department as meeting standards established for licensing under that Act, or (3) have been relinquished in accordance with the Abandoned Newborn Infant Protection Act. A child so placed in foster care who was not receiving aid under this Article in or for the month in which the court proceedings leading to that placement were initiated may qualify only if he lived in the home of his parents or other relatives at the time the proceedings were initiated, or within 6 months prior to the month of initiation, and would have received aid in and for that month if application had been made therefor.
    (b) The Illinois Department may, by rule, establish those persons who are living together who must be included in the same assistance unit in order to receive cash assistance under this Article and the income and assets of those persons in an assistance unit which must be considered in determining eligibility.
    (c) The conditions of qualification herein specified shall not prejudice aid granted under this Code for foster care prior to the effective date of this 1969 Amendatory Act.
(Source: P.A. 92-408, eff. 8-17-01; 92-432, eff. 8-17-01.)