(305 ILCS 5/11-6.2)
    Sec. 11-6.2. Electronic fingerprinting.
    (a) The Illinois Department may implement a program to prevent multiple enrollments of aid recipients through the use of an electronic automated 2-digit fingerprint matching identification system in local offices.
    The Illinois Department shall apply for any federal waivers or approvals necessary to conduct this program.
    (b) The fingerprints or their electronic representations collected and maintained through the use of an automated fingerprint matching identification system as authorized by this Section may not be used, disclosed, or redisclosed for any purpose other than the prevention of multiple enrollments of aid recipients, may not be used or admitted in any criminal or civil investigation, prosecution, or proceeding, other than a proceeding pursuant to Article VIII-A, and may not be disclosed in response to a subpoena or other compulsory legal process or warrant or upon the request or order of any agency, authority, division, office, or other private or public entity or person, except that nothing contained in this subsection prohibits disclosure in response to a subpoena issued by or on behalf of the applicant or recipient who is the subject of the record maintained as a part of the system. A person who knowingly makes or obtains any unauthorized disclosure of data collected and maintained under this Section through the use of an automated fingerprint matching identification system is guilty of a Class A misdemeanor. Data collected and maintained on the automated fingerprint matching identification system shall be subject to the provisions of this Code relating to unauthorized disclosure of confidential client information.
    (c)   The system shall include the use of a photographic identification for every aid recipient. The Illinois Department shall insure that adequate training for county department staff involved with the program will be provided.
    (d) The assistance programs affected by the electronic fingerprinting program shall be determined by rule. By applying or maintaining eligibility for those assistance programs, applicants and recipients must submit to the electronic collection of their fingerprints as an additional method of establishing eligibility. Applicants for and recipients of aid who fail to submit to electronic fingerprinting shall be declared ineligible for those assistance programs.
    (e) This Section does not authorize or permit the termination, suspension, or diminution of aid except as elsewhere specifically authorized in this Code. If a proposed sanction is based on the use of an automated fingerprint matching identification system authorized pursuant to this Section, the sanction may not be imposed unless the Illinois Department has verified the multiple enrollment through an independent investigation.
    (f) The Illinois Department shall conduct periodic audits to monitor compliance with all laws and regulations regarding the automated fingerprint matching identification system to insure that: (i) any records maintained as part of the system are accurate and complete; (ii) effective software and hardware designs have been instituted with security features to prevent unauthorized access to records; (iii) access to record information system facilities, systems operating environments, and data file contents, whether while in use or when stored in a media library, is restricted to authorized personnel; (iv) operational programs are used that will prohibit inquiry, record updates, or destruction of records from any terminal other than automated fingerprint matching identification system terminals that are so designated; (v) operational programs are used to detect and store for the output of designated Illinois Department and county department employees all unauthorized attempts to penetrate any electronic automated fingerprint matching identification system, program, or file; and (vi) adequate and timely procedures exist to insure the recipient's or applicant's right to access and review of records for the purpose of accuracy and completeness, including procedures for review of information maintained about those individuals and for administrative review (including procedures for administrative appeal) and necessary correction of any claim by the individual to whom the information relates that the information is inaccurate or incomplete.
(Source: P.A. 90-17, eff. 6-19-97; 91-599, eff. 8-14-99.)