(240 ILCS 5/4) (from Ch. 17, par. 1454)
    Sec. 4. Application for a license shall be made to the Director upon a form furnished by him.
    The application shall contain the following information and the information required by Sections 5 to 10, inclusive, which shall be sworn to and notarized:
    1. The name under which applicant will conduct his business.
    2. Identity of applicant, whether corporation, general partnership, limited or special partnership, common law or business trust, or a sole proprietorship.
    3. Date of organization of business.
    4. Address at which the business will be conducted if licensed.
    5. Full name and address of owners and holders of title to premises in which business is to be conducted.
    6. If applicant is a successor to the business for which license is being applied for, the names and addresses of predecessors and the date the business was acquired by the applicant.
    7. Whether the applicant or any persons interested in or associated with the applicant are interested either directly or indirectly in the same or a similar business as that of the applicant at any place or location other than the one located at the address stated for which a license is requested. If such relationship exists, the names and addresses of the other persons.
    8. Information as to any other license, either local, county, state or federal, that applicant now holds in connection with the operation or conduct of the business for which application is now being made for license.
    9. Detailed description of kind, number and character of boxes, safes or other facilities to be offered or used for safekeeping purposes.
    10. Full name and address of manager of applicant's business.
    11. Whether the applicant under the present business name or any former name has ever been denied a license, or has had suspended, cancelled or revoked any license for the conduct or operation of the business of keeping and letting of safety deposit boxes, safes, vaults or other facilities under any statute of the State of Illinois or law of any local or governmental agency providing for the regulation and licensing of any such business.
    12. The application shall, if made by a sole proprietor, be signed by the proprietor, if made by a partnership by each of the partners, and if made by a corporation, business trust or other legal entity by two officers or trustees thereof.
(Source: P.A. 91-357, eff. 7-29-99.)